Dyno Tuning


Performance Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning is designed for all engines; from stock daily drivers to full on race cars and everything in between. All tuning is done in-house on our 4WD Mainline Dyno chassis dynamometer. We use the custom tuning software to adjust a variety of variables in the factory PCM (computer) such as the EFI fuel mapping and the ignition spark advance in your vehicle to custom program a map suited specifically to your vehicle and specific driving style, making the tune unique.


We can specifically calibrate your engines air/fuel ratio at any rev range which enables us to increase fuel economy by reducing rich conditions and increase fuel in lean conditions increasing reliability and power. Other tuners just upload pre-configured maps into your car, but at BTA Motorsports we take care and time to ensure your car comes out the best it possibly can. Whether your engine is naturally aspirated or has forced induction such as a blower or a turbo charger, BTA Motorsports can tune it.

When you have your car professionally tuned, the benefits you get include:

• Better vehicle performance
• Increased reliability
• Increased fuel economy
• Reduced carbon emissions
• Increased throttle response
• Longer engine life
• Lower 1/4 mile elapsed time
• Higher wheel horsepower and torque

Standard Vehicle Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning isn’t just for high performance vehicles. All vehicles can benefit from a custom dyno tune. Our fully equiped workshop can solve and rectify most problems that pop up and are associated with the modern day electronically managed vehicle, such as warning or engine lights. On the dyno, loads can be varied and different conditions can be simulated such as stop and start, highway, towing, and uphill driving.


When you have your car dyno diagnostically tuned, benefits include:

• Better cold engine starts
• Removal of flats spots
• Increase throttle response
• Improve fuel economy
• Engine overheating
• Warning lights
• Error codes
• Slipping transmission

We pride ourselves with the latest equipment for all types, makes and models of vehicles. We can tune many vehicles that other companies can’t including the latest European performance vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi and VW.