Holden Engine Build

Holden – LS (VY – VE)

BTA Stage 1: 402ci stroker
BTA Stage 2: 418ci stroker
BTA Stage 3: 427ci stroker
BTA Stage 4: 454ci stroker
BTA Stage 5: 502ci “Monster” stroker

All engines include:
• Machined and bored cast iron block
• Manley/Lunati H-beam rods and crankshaft
• Mahle forged piston
• High volume oil pump
• BTA spec cylinder heads (CNC ported to suit your application)
• BTA spec camshaft
• High RPM roller lifters
• Valves and springs to suit your application
• GM spec gasket and seal kit
• Double row adjustable timing belt kit
• APR stud kit
• Underdrive harmonic balancer
• Rotated assembly, balanced and blueprinted