Mod your Mustang at BTA!


Mustang owners rejoice! BTA Motorsports now offers a whole range of cool mods for your ride that will not only make it sound better, go faster but also look cooler!

Check this out, Ford Australia have removed the “Burnout Mode” from the locally delivered cars but at BTA we can put it back in!


This features is known as “electric line-lock” and it works by locking the front brakes while allowing the rear wheels to spin. Sounds like fun? Damn straight it does!

And while you’ve got your car at the BTA Motorsports workshop why not add more cool features like a factory remote control key that allows you to start the car remotely, or this sequential indicator upgrade (see below).

Of course at BTA we also have a full range performance upgrades available for the Mustang. Check out our Mustang Upgrade Page here.

Enquire about these feature by phone: 02 9789 6075 or email: