First VF hits BTA dyno!


Here at BTA Motorsports we are very excited about the new VF / Gen-F Commodore range. We have kicked off our performance packages with the fitting of our very first Stage 1 kit on this beautiful Gen-F HSV Clubsport R8.


The owner was very keen to get the car on the dyno to maximise its potential of the HSV LS3 motor. Running the car up on the dyno in stock form showed 239.4kW at the wheels, after fitting the stage 1 upgrade kit and the custom dyno tune, the car made 274.3kW at the wheels. That’s a big improvement over stock with a 35kW gain. Watch the video at the bottom of the page to see the full duno run!


Torque also improved with an increase of torque over the entire range. The Stage 1 kit is a mild upgrade that will increase drivability, performance and fuel economy.


It looks like the new VF will be quite popular and with some good power gains available from simple mods and tuning it’s bound to be a hit with the Holden performance fans !

We are developing a full range of kits from Stage 1 to Stage 4, mild to wild. We can build the VF commodore of your dreams, so don’t hesitate to call us on +61 2 9789 6075 or email us on

Get ready for the VF Holdens!


With the launch of the new VF Holdens getting closer every day, we are getting pretty excited here at BTA Motorsports! The new cars look like the best Commodores yet, and the Gen F HSVs look even better.


The pick of the bunch has to be the HSV Gen F GTS, with it’s awesome 6.2 litre supercharged LSA motor. It makes a huge 430kW and 740Nm from factory, but we think we can get a bit more out of it than that and we are looking forward to getting stuck into one.


We have a Gen F HSV on preorder to make sure we are one of the first performance workshops in Sydney to get one so we can get started on our Gen F / VF upgrade kits. Watch this space for more on our Gen F / VF performance kits!